Outreach & Missions: RVers in Mission



The RVers in Mission is a dedicated group of southern Californian Christian volunteers who spend nearly one week a month (eight months a year) donating their labor to helping United Methodist Churches and other southern California facilities such as the David and Margaret Home and the Aldersgate Retreat Center to maintain their properties. Painting, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, gardening, sewing, easy roofing, miscellaneous repairs, etc. are tackled by the RVers as needed.

The RVers requirements are simple. They need a place to park their rigs, and a source of electricity. At this time the youngest active RVer is only 59 years old, and the oldest active member is 82. The average age is about 72. An average of 18 RVers worked at each of the projects in 2007.

The RVers in Mission was established in 1984 by a group of campers. Since then 189 projects have been completed. The 2008 report estimated that in the six projects completed January-April, nearly $60,000 in labor had been saved by the churches/facilities. Other estimates have been higher. How do you give a money value to the love and fun that goes into each project?

Although the active members of the group include people from as far north as Ridgecrest and as far south as Yucca Valley, a relatively large percentage of the active membership are FUMCO members.